Applied Scientist in Amazon Cambridge, working on Natural Language Processing. I recently finished a PhD at ILCC of the School of Informatics at The University of Edinburgh, with Shay Cohen.

My main research interest is in NLP. The goal of Artificial Intelligence (beside inspiring sci-fi movies) is to make intelligent machines, where we define intelligence as the ability to undertake the cognitive activities humans naturally do. Language is certainly one of those.

In my PhD, I investigated the use of Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) for language understanding (NLU; natural language -> semantic representation) and generation (NLG; semantic representation -> natural language). I developed an AMR parser (NLU) that can process multiple languages (AMREager) as well as a AMR-to-text generation system (NLG) for English (AMRGen). If you feel brave, you can use them in a pipeline to perform AMR-based Machine Translation :) I also developed a set of metrics to perform fine-grained evaluation of AMR parsers (AMREval).

See here for a list of publications.