I'm a PhD student at ILCC of the School of Informatics at The University of Edinburgh. My supervisor is Shay Cohen.

My main research interest is in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The goal of Artificial Intelligence (beside inspiring sci-fi movies) is to make intelligent machines, where we define intelligence as the ability to undertake the cognitive activities humans naturally do. Language is certainly one of those.

My PhD focuses on investigating Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR). Semantic parsing, a vibrant area in natural language processing, aims at carrying out the difficult task of canonicalizing language and represent its meaning: given a natural language sentence, we want to retrieve its meaning. We use AMR as a meaning representation. AMR and other semantic formalisms have the potential to transform traditional NLP problems such as Machine Translation, Question & Answering and Summarization as well as allowing us to define new and unanticipated NLP applications.

See here for a list of publications.